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Mobile health app (NDA)

Easily organize your health data with your digital health record.

This project is an application that collects, digitizes and encrypts all your medical records, which are then arranged into one self-explanatory timeline. You don't have to worry about a note from your doctor or results from the lab. It's all there for ease of use when you need it.


Project Outline:


View lab results with an easy-to-use chart. Get a better understanding of how your tests have changed over time, even in case you consult different doctors, to prevent future health risks.

The customer developed the initial version of app at his own expense. Thus, our task was to make the development as cheaper as can be. That is why we chose a technology stack that allowed us to speed up the development and make it as affordable to the customer as possible. We also helped the client choose from all the desired features the most important ones and launch the MVP. At the same time, we were building the architecture for future modifications and increasing complexity of the functionality.

Project Solution:


We went for React Native to develop the CloudDocs application for a number of reasons:

Instead of creating two different apps for Android and iOS, we can use the same code for both platforms, which simplifies and speeds up the development.

Also, React Native shows good performance comparable to native applications.

React Native is currently the most popular cross-platform app development framework with a 42% market share.

We chose Mobx as the state manager because of its simplicity, as the application is not structurally complex.

The app is developed with Expo:

  • Project setup is simple and can be done in minutes.
  • Testing is very simple and is done via QR code or link – you do not need to send the entire .apk or .ipa file
  • No assembly is required to run the application.
mobile apps

Project Team:

  • Frontend Developers
  • Backend Developers
  • DevOps Engineer
  • QA Engineer
  • Project Manager

We used:


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