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1. What business sectors do you work with? 

We don't limit ourselves to any specific area and can develop a project to suit any needs and objectives

2. What is Time & Material? What is the difference to Flat Rate?

Time & material - you pay only for the man-hours and see the result of the job. The project is divided into tasks and the team estimates each of them separately to be able to add on the work as it is done. If you agree, proceed.Once the task is completed and you see the results, pay the team.  Fixed price - the total project development budget is approved before the job starts and is not subject to change. The exact delivery date of the project will also be approved before work starts. Liability for late delivery of the project is the responsibility of the contractor. Suitable if you have a clear vision of the result and ready terms of reference understandable to developers.

3. How much will the app cost?

The cost of application development depends on the amount of work to be done. We always carefully and thoroughly study each request and offer the best options for its implementation, and we are not afraid to be honest and tell you what to fix and change in the project. To do this, we use our best analysts to calculate the cost of turning an idea into reality.

4. How long will it take you to do the project?

The timing as well as the cost is strictly individual and depends on the amount of work to be done. By the way, we use Agile methodology in project development, which allows us to be flexible and run the project in a short time.

5. What to do after the project is launched? Is there any post-implementation support? What happens after the contract is signed?

After the launch of the product, the maintenance phase is based on a contract and is paid either on a time & material or fixed price basis.

6. What guarantee is there for the execution of the service? 

The main guarantor of the quality of our services is the agreement. In the contract we specify our area of responsibility and ways of solving unforeseen circumstances.

7. What services are offered to customers?

We provide services of creation and development of web and mobile applications, personal accounts, CRM and ERP systems. We also provide consultancy for start-ups and businesses which have an idea but no idea how to implement it.

8. Who owns the rights to the created solutions? 

Upon completion of all the work under the contract, the rights to the implemented solution, as well as the code and all the necessary components for the correct operation of the application, are fully transferred to your ownership.

9. What stack do you develop your applications with?

Our main stack we work with is Python, Java, React, React Native, Django, NuxtJS. Using one or another stack is selected individually depending on the client's needs and technical characteristics of future project. We always try to choose the optimal technology stack to provide the best quality and performance of created systems.

10. How is the project supervised? 

When a project is set up, an experienced project manager is assigned to supervise all processes and coordinate with you on certain tasks. In addition, we support honesty, so we are not afraid to give customers access to Jira, Shortcut (services, in which programmers perform tasks on the project and lead the execution), where you can track the status of tasks and their priority.

11. Do you employ qualified specialists? 

We work with guys with more than 10 years experience in development, who really love their job and do it not just good, but excellent.

12. What results will you get from cooperation with you?

In addition to a developed app or web service you get from cooperation with us: In-depth understanding and inclusion into the project tasks Work with a business analyst who, if necessary, corrects the motion vector and directs the project in the right direction. Qualitative development of the project. Specialist rates reduced by 20%. This offer is a promotion and is valid until March 30th. Full inclusion of you as the customer in the project. You will always be aware of the work through reporting meetings and access to the task board.

13. Do you work only with technology products and IT start-ups? 

Predominantly, yes. That said, our portfolio includes cases from traditional business areas: projects for "digitizing" products, entering new technology markets, and training teams in digital product management and marketing methodologies.

14. Can't find an answer to your question? 

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