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We're a team of developers who take our responsibilities very seriously and make sure you're happy with the end result.

Custom software

for your growth


We're a team of developers who take our responsibilities very seriously and make sure you're happy with the end result.


Custom software development

CRM/ERP systems

Our expert team excels in crafting custom CRM and ERP systems, designed to streamline your business operations, optimize workflows, and empower your organization for success

Personal Accounts

Our team specializes in crafting unique user portals, tailored to your specific needs, amplifying your business processes and enhancing user engagement

Web&mobile solutions

Our expertise lies in crafting custom web and mobile solutions that streamline your business operations, optimize workflows, and empower your organization for unprecedented success

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We develop software for major foreign companies


Over 10 years in development


Key developers from international companies


A team of friends who love what they do

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We leverage our wealth of experience to offer you unparalleled service

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Are you looking for an IT partner who can help you achieve your business goals? Look no further than SATVA.DEV. 


Our team of talented experts is passionate about driving your business forward with innovative technology solutions. From web development to data management, cybersecurity to network design, we offer a wide range of skills to help you achieve your goals.

We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and develop tailored solutions that deliver results. 


Contact us today and discover the power of SATVA.DEV's exceptional IT skills.


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Highly recommend them!

Clear, organized, and comprehensible team. I highly recommend them to anyone in the process of selecting a development partner. Take a simple test: ask the SatvaSpace team to create a technical specification for you and compare it with others. Their level of detail, immersion in your task, and clarity in figures will be unmatched. Make no mistakes and stay healthy)

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Product Owner

Impressed with Satva.Dev!

The development of the personal account was pleasing due to the team at Satva.Dev swiftly resolving most of the technical issues through their proposed solutions.

Thanks to the team's deep involvement in our project and business processes, we were able to create the personal account within the planned timeline. Ultimately, it fulfilled all the requested functions, including providing our company's clients with news and necessary notifications, access to reference information, software and security updates, certificates for purchased products, and technical support from the company.

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Do you want to get high quality software? That way!

I had worked with Satva.DEV before, and I knew how high their level of expertise would be. I was sure that I would certainly get a team of experts. The team is flexible because its work is not hampered by red tape. We had frequent phone conversations and discussed the requirements while negotiating. There were no long chains from the account to the managers and back. I can also add that Satva.Dev kindly agreed to help us with the requirements analysis and negotiate pricing, which was also important. Many times they suggested creative solutions which we could not have found on our own. Thanks to that, we got a top-class product, which we are now actively testing.

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Product Owner

Best experts

I consider to be true specialists who respond to the needs of their clients. Special thanks to the technical director Dmitry Golikov. I recommend the company to everyone.

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Real experts in their field!

I met the SATVA DEV team by chance. And after the first conversation I was so impressed by their professionalism and incredibly warm attitude to clients that I immediately wanted to try to create a product concept with their help. Well, the first impression turned out to be right. Together we went from concept to a working credit card comparison site for the Philippine market. I look forward to continuing our collaboration in the future!

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